• Evaluation in Motion

Evalu helps you Understand and Delight your Customers

Businesses are competing for repeat and loyal customers; Evalu App can help you gather Feedbacks, Reviews and Rating using smartphones. 

Evalu gathers user or participants’ response reflecting their likes and dislikes for the services received Simple Hassle Fee real time Evaluation on the spot.

Event Organizers

Gather feedback and suggestion for the events

Learning & Development

Evaluate session, use clicker for interactive responses from attendees

Evaluation reporting tool – All your clients need to share about their experience

Evalu generates real time reports through Fast and Interactive BI tools to help you analyse the responses of your target audience. 


Who can benefit from Evalue

Trainers, Event Organizers, retailers & customer service providersfsffs

Customer Service

Training Sessions

Conference Sessions

Retail Businesses

Evalu makes organizing the feedback data easydded

Evalu makes organizing the feedback data easy
Evalu allows for customized question types, to deliver powerful, real-time insights that helps you improve and expand your customers base and business. sede

Our Clients

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates


Trainers, Event managers, Retailers and Customer Service providers.