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Value of Evalu

  • Evaluation results can be instantaneously displayed on a screen during a training session or any event or posted on the social media, client website.
  • For Events/ Conferences/ Training sessions:
    • Evaluations can be scanned on smart phone
    • Attendees can Evaluate events, conference and training sessions in minutes
    • Evalu is a clicker; training and conference session presenters can ask interactive questions and display the attendees responses spontaneously on the presentation screen during the session
  • Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, it is becoming a preferred platform as a new promotional channel.
  • Buyers can now learn about the seller from previous buyers experience (reviews and rating)
  • Reviews and ratings are deriving new clients; Evalu facilitates quick and easy reviews and rating functions.
  • Sellers strive to get more reviews and ratings to increase business
  • Customers can scan the QR code on their smart phones and Evaluate any service in minutes (e.g. feedback of a training session right form the session venue or form a client while they are being served)

Scan the Evaluation Code and start giving your review and ratings through our apps.